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By: Nate Getch

Are you interested in a sport where you aren’t being nailed every two seconds? How about a sport where you have basically no chance of getting injured? If this is your idea of a great sport, then, have I got the sport for you! The challenging game of chess.

Now some of you are thinking, wait, chess is for nerds and geeks. You have got it all wrong. Chess offers a chance to socialize while learning offensive and defensive strategies. Just like many other sport, chess gives you the chance to be a part of a team (club). Continue reading


By: Ethan Klein

Even though the 8th grade football players are done with their season, the grind doesn’t  stop. 8th grade football players have the opportunity to go to Bowling Green High High Schools field house  and practice with them. They go to the high school on the athletic bus and start conditioning with the high school players. Continue reading

Spooky Halloween Costume Contest

Spooky Halloween costume contest

by: Cleveland Cavazos

Bowling Green Junior high school had a costume contest on October 31st, 2014. The contest was a fundraiser for the journalism department to raise money for new technology. Also the contest was to help promote student school spirit. Most of the winners claim they did not expect to win the costume contest. The winner’s costumes varied  from real life things/people to fictional characters. The contest winners are listed below.

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A Season to Remember

After the 8th grade boys football season was over the Purples finished 11-1, with an undefeated regular season. They had at least 36 points per game, except for the semi-finals in which they lost to Corbin. It was a rematch from 7th grade whenever the same purples team lost to Corbin in the state championship, so tensions were high.

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