Time, hardwork, and dedication

By:Leah Blankenship

The Bowling Green Junior High School 7th Grade Boys’ Basketball team has done nothing but try their best this year. They put in the time and hard work to be the best and in the end they normally come out on top. When it came to making the team, the basketball players knew that they had to train in the off season to be as good as the 7th grade basketball team last year.

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March Madness

By: Ethan Klein

It’s that time of the year again. Time for the NCAA National Mens Basketball playoffs and championship. Sports fans across the country complete brackets to try to predict how the playoffs will go and who will win to try to beat family, friends, and fellow students.

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7 Habits Pep Rallys

By: Alexandria West

The 7 habits: Leader in Me are habits that our school want all students to live by and practice every single day. Each habit helps all students succeed in school and helps students make better choices in everyday situations. Each habit has a different meaning and can be used in many different situations.

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