BGJHS’ diversity and culture continues growing

BGJHS’ diversity and culture continues growing

By: Grace Tweedy

Many “wows” and laughter filled Bowling Green Junior High’s auditorium on Thursday, September 10, 2015. The sixth graders enjoyed having performers come from Western Kentucky University’s Confucius Institute and, they shared some of their Chinese culture with our school. The Institute started in April of 2010 and has the goal of spreading the Chinese language and culture throughout Kentucky. This group also visited BGJHS during the 2013 school year. Terrill Martin, the managing editor, and Zhang Qin, a teacher at the Confucius Institute, produced and directed the show. They started working with the performers that Tuesday. This show has also visited many schools in the area, and they plan to continue touring in Louisville.

The performance offered many tricks to amuse the crowd. A few basic tricks such as making water disappear through a newspaper were used, but it had an added a twist to it. Instead of never seeing the water again, it came back into the cup and the color changed to red. This is quite ironic because the color red is considered the luckiest color in China.

A few traditional Chinese operas, which are like a plays, were also performed. This seemed to catch the attention of the students the most because one of the performers changed his facemask with a very careful sleight of hand. Qin stated that he changed his facemask around six to ten times. Another Chinese opera was performed at the end involving the Monkey King, and a very strong warrior.

This show was also very student interactive. Towards the end of the performance, one of the performers asked for a volunteer to come to the stage. The student that was chosen was Lewis Cox, a sixth grader at BGJHS.

“I felt nervous,” said Lewis. Once he got on the stage, the performer tried to teach him a magic trick. He tried very hard, but mastering these tricks take a great deal of practice. Afterall, these four performers are professionals, and it took them a long time to master their craft.

This show was very successful and was an excellent way to experience the Chinese culture. The sixth graders enjoyed it very much. We appreciate them coming and hope to see them again soon.

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