IOS 9 update

IOS 9 update
By: Antonio Hernandez

IOS 9 is the new and improved update for the IPhone. This new update has approximately 23 new features to share and talk about. For instance: it turn lists into checklists, people can now view inside the apps without clicking it, and now you can sketch your thoughts. These are just a few new features out of many.

One brand new feature is that you can turn lists into a personal checklist. To make your lists into a checklists tap it to create bullets which should make it into a checklists.Then it can be about anything, such as a grocery lists or a personal chores lists. It can be anything. Then just check off items as you finish them. It could also be a daily reminder so anyone doesn’t forget to do things and end up being late.

Another feature to get excited about is now when you tap and hold an app you can view it without opening it completely. If people need to check their email anyone can tap hold to see if the email is very important to that person. So now people can view any apps or just to take a peek to see how things are going.

One last feature to talk about is the way you can sketch your thoughts now. Now people can use the tip of their finger to draw right in your note. There’s also a new choice of drawing tools. Like, different brush styles and colors. Also there’s a handy ruler to keep things straight.

These are just a few things to be excited about the new update. There is something new to find out everyday on our phone’s without us noticing.

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