Playing Anne Frank

The story of Anne Frank has touched many hearts. It’s a story that highlights the struggle people faced during WWII. It also shows how Jewish people had to live in hiding in Nazi Germany to survive. One of our very own eighth graders, Caroline Summar, is playing Anne Frank with BGOnstage in a production of the show on February 18th and 19th, 2016, in Van Meter Hall on Western Kentucky’s University at 6:30.

“It’s kind of nerve wracking to play Anne Frank because you have to portray a character that is so important in life and in history,” said Caroline.

BGOnstage is a theater company that has been rising to popularity recently and is run by Elise Charney and Ellen Lawrence. They have many upcoming auditions for shows such as Sweeney Todd, The Hobbit, and The Magic Treehouse. You can find their website on

Melissa Joiner, an eighth grade English and Reading teacher, has taught Anne’s life for five years. She has always admired Anne Frank’s courage, and feels that students should be more aware of her life.

“It’s the diary of a young girl who gave up her life, her friends, and sacrificed everything for her family. Yet she still tried to live life as if nothing was wrong…her diary shows how she tried to achieve normalcy in a very abnormal situation,” said Joiner.

Caroline has been rehearsing for a long time now, and the performance date is approaching fast.

“The best thing about this show has been getting to work with some of my best friends, and really discovering who Anne Frank was.” said Caroline.

The entire cast has been working hard and Caroline is beginning to feel the pressure of being the lead. But because of her long history in plays, she can handle pressure.

“I know that I’m going to be really nervous. But I think that we’ve prepared for a long time now and we’re ready.” said Caroline.

Everyone make sure to come out and support our student, Caroline Summar, in “The Diary of Anne Frank”! Everyone has been working hard and it would be very appreciated if we all showed up to cheer her on in her debut!

Anne Frank, played by Caroline Summar, writes an entry in her diary during a dress rehearsal.

Anne Frank, played by Caroline Summar, writes an entry in her diary during a dress rehearsal.

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