Baseball Tryouts

Baseball tryouts
By Grace Forbes

Baseball is a popular sport for boys to play. Since the baseball season at Bowling Green Junior High School is right around the corner, and many boys are trying out to be on the team. The coach, Lukas Forbes, has lots of faith for the boys playing this season.
The tryouts were at Hobson fields for any 6th, 7th, or 8th grade boy wanting to try out. The tryout included drills, running, hitting, and catching. The boys who made the team are especially excited at the thought of playing in the fun, upcoming games this season. These boys are going to try their best and work their hardest to make this a successful season.
Evan Spader, an 8th grader who tried out this and last year states that the games he is most excited about are BG vs South Warren, Drakes, and Brentwood Academy. Evan is excited about playing South Warren because they beat BGJHS last year. He is also excited about playing Drakes Creek because Drakes Creek was the district champions last year.
Another person trying out, Scotty Brown, is also excited about playing Brentwood because he thinks it’s going to be the hardest game of the season.
“I am most excited about the upcoming season because I want to win lots of games,” 7th grader, Tayshaun Jones said.
These boys enjoy playing baseball because it’s fun to hit the ball, beating rivals, and going undefeated.
In conclusion, these boys are going to try to make this their best to make this the best season yet. They are going to work their hardest and practice to become better baseball players.

BGJHS 2015-2016 Baseball Team
8th grade:
Evan Spader
Bo Morton
Scotty Brown
Charlie Key
Carson Kelley
Nathan Trawick
Jonah Thurman
Geoffrey Ross
Max Payne
Tucker Prieskorn
Sean Hogan
Darian Hall
Ja’vyan Collins

7th grade:
Campbell Bush
Tayshaun Jones
Eli Burwash
Brady Key
Will Buser
Dez Wilson
Tyler Strode
Jackson Moore
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