The 50th Super Bowl

The 50th Super Bowl

By Antonio Hernandez and Maunil Mullick

The 50th Super Bowl is finally here. Each team fighting to earn the ring that classifies the best team out of 32 teams in the league. Only two make it to the Super Bowl. Many compete, but only one can win and have eternal victory. Each round of the playoffs eliminates multiple teams until only one remains as victorious.  It’s all about being able to work together under pressure and make every play count.

On the road to the Super Bowl, only twelve teams were in the running. Eight teams played in the first round and after four games had been played, only eight teams remained. The second round grew intense with some close games leaving only four teams left overall. Since it goes from eight teams to four, these games decide who would play in the Super Bowl. The Patriots played the Broncos for the AFC championship, and it was a vigorous game. With only seconds in the game, the Broncos snuck an interception and won the AFC championship game 20 to 18 moving them forward to the Super Bowl. Both the Broncos and the Panthers made it to the final game. The game we all been waiting for. The Super Bowl game of 2016. Many predictions were made to see who would compete.

“The Panthers are going to the NFC championship because of their stats and consistency. The Steelers will win the AFC championship, but it would be cool for them to go out of a wildcard seed,” said Conner Twyman, an eighth grader at Bowling Green Junior High School.

Starting the game was Lady Gaga singing “The National Anthem” for the kick off show. All fifty legends from all previous Super Bowl MVP’s entered. A few minutes later, the game started. 

Broncos lost the coin toss, so Panthers made the call on who got the ball first . Right after the kick off, the Panthers fumbled it causing the Broncos to gain a lead and make the first touchdown. After a long battle, halftime came with the score being 7-13, Broncos winning.

Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars performed at the halftime show. At the end, people in the crowd held up signs that spelled out “Believe in Love”.  They performed “Uptown Funk”, “Formation”, “Viva La Vida”, and “Adventure of a lifetime”. 

Then, at the last half of the game, both teams were struggling to make a touchdown. When the game ended, the score was 24-10 with the Broncos defeating the Panthers. Lastly, the game ended with Peyton Manning holding the trophy and declaring his retirement during halftime, but announcing it during the post game show.

The champion of this 50th Super Bowl is the Denver Broncos. Two teams made it to the finals, one team left with nothing, and the other team left with the championship.                                                                                                           

Provided by NBC33 Super Bowl 50 featuring Panthers vs Broncos.

Provided by NBC33
Super Bowl 50 featuring Panthers vs Broncos.

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