Authority for the students By: Katie May

Many students wish they could have more voice at Bowling Green Junior High School and how it operates. Student council is a way for students and teachers to organize the school together, and it is returning to BGJHS this year. The program involves students having a say in how the school functions, is organized, and how events are planned. Although the school did not have it last year, the principals and teachers have decided to organize a student council this year.

“Mrs. West is wanting the students to have a voice in the different activities and events that we do at the school and to also try to bring the community in as well,” says Ms. Costellow, student council adviser and a sixth grade English teacher at BGJHS.

Students will be working side by side with the teachers to generate ideas and plan activities. Student council members will not be elected for student council, and if students want to join, they have to apply. If an applicant is elected, they will officially be on student council.

“I’m hoping that we can have more, just a good voice in the different activities and stuff that we do. You know teachers plan like the pride rewards and like different blitz activities and things like that, but if the students can have a say in it may be more meaningful,” says Costellow.

The teachers are excited for the change. “I’m hoping that by bringing it back we will be able to bridge any gaps with students and teachers and even parents can just kinda get us out into the public more,”says Costellow.

The student council staff will help plan and organize different events at BGJHS. They will help organize and run the “Spring Fling” and money from that event and others will go to the students for activities and field trips.

Student Council is important to our school because it gives students a place where they can make the decisions and they can feel in charge. The students making the decisions will really benefit our school in so many ways. Students will once again have a voice here at Bowling Green Jr. High School.

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