“Blitz” outside for Blitz Day By: Alex Pratt

Eighth-grade students at Bowling Green Junior High School receive rewards from their teachers and principals through  Blitz Days. The eighth-grade teachers determine when to have Blitz Days. It’s are a day of activities and free time given to those that have finished their school work. ICU gives students the chance to finish their school work they have not finished. If a student hasn’t finished all their assignments, they have to go to a hold back room to finish their work.

“I play different games with my friends. I think it’s fun and ecstatic. It makes my day great and active. It’s a good motivation to stay off ICU,” said Miles Buchanon, an eighth-grade student at BGJHS.  

“I play soccer with my friends. It’s a good tactic and good way to get students to do their work. It makes me relaxed and happy to spend time with my friends,” said Ivette Arce, an eighth grader at BGJHS.

There are snacks and drinks sold during Blitz Day that many enjoy. Blitz Day also gives teachers the chance to get their minds off work and time to interact with students and with other teachers. Events like Blitz Day have been a great idea for eighth grade and all other grades that partake in them at BGJHS.


Photo by Bella Elder

BGJHS eighth grade students, Bella Elder, Whitaker Buchanan, Raegan Richardson, and Jaxson Willgruber being active and having fun during school at Blitz Day.

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