A Campbellsville take on journalism By: Drew Lawless & Thomas Burke

While going to school and going through the motions every day seems enjoyable, there are some instances when one needs a break from the orthodox. The majority of the newspaper and broadcast classes went on a venture to Campbellsville University, in Campbellsville, Kentucky, to see how their journalism programs function in order to get some new insight on how the morning news and newspaper can be made more enjoyable for every student and staff member at Bowling Green Junior High School. Even though it was an hour and a half drive, it was definitely worth the trouble of driving. Students had to be at BGJHS at 6:00 a.m. for departure.

Students attended the trip chose two separate classes, one at 9:30 A.M. and another at 11:00 A.M., with several different classes to choose from at both available times. Many took the photoshop and short film classes, which were well constructed and quite enjoyable.

In photoshop, students learned the mechanics and basic tools used by professionals in Adobe Photoshop. In the short film class, they watched a short film made by the teacher and then he let them come up with their own ideas for the main character in a short film of their own. It gave them an idea of the thought and work put into making an intriguing and exceptional film that the audience will enjoy. Overall, the classes gave some valuable information that will assist anyone who had the opportunity to listen to any of the lessons available.

“My favorite part of the trip was photoshop class and having fun with what it offered,” said Logan Atkerson of the newspaper staff.

“I learned that tampering with pictures on photoshop and then putting them on a media source is wrong and shouldn’t be done,” Logan mentioned

“My favorite part was going to the short film idea workshop because it taught me the components of making a film and it was also very interesting,” said Matti Davis, who is part of both the broadcast and newspaper staff.

After the workshops were over, students were given a tour of the building where the Campbellsville University news channel is produced and broadcasted. The amount of attention and work required to keep their channel and radio station up and functioning is quite complex, with several hands at the station at any given time in order to clean up any mess that is made during production. All of this work is required to make a well-running journalism department at their campus.

It was disappointing to have to leave and come back to normal school, but the thought of running the news and The Purple Spirit again brought all of their hopes up when they arrived back at BGJHS.

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