Celebrating a traditional spring holiday

Celebrating a traditional spring holiday
By Grace Tweedy

It looks like it is that time of year again to start celebrating Easter. Many students and teachers at Bowling Green Junior High School celebrate this holiday in different ways and have different traditions.

“My family went to my grandparent’s house, and we had Easter lunch and had an egg hunt with all of the kids in our family,” said Aiden Gantt, a sixth grader at BGJHS.

For many, this holiday is represented by the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts, and family, but this day also celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“Jesus wanted to die on the cross for us to forgive us for all of our sins,” said Jacob Deglow, an eighth grader at BGJHS.

On Easter, most students have the tradition of eating a big meal with their family. Whether it is Easter Lunch or Easter Dinner, it is family time.

“We eat ham, turkey, potatoes, green beans, cake, cookies, all kinds of good stuff,” said Aeiriti Howard, an eighth grader at BGJHS.

When Easter comes around, it is also tradition to get new clothes. Most girls get new dresses to start spring and wear to church.

“It’s fancy, and you get to start spring. I get a new dress, and I go Easter dress shopping,” said Rachel Counts, a seventh grader at BGJHS.

Overall, Easter has many aspects and an interesting history. It is widely celebrated and students at BGJHS have different traditions that they associate with this spring holiday.

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