Characters come to life By: Logan Atkerson

On October 31, 2016, Bowling Green Junior High School hosted  their annual Halloween Costume Contest. Thanks to the journalism department, this contest could be made possible. They work hard to plan this contest up to two weeks prior.

If students donated $1.00 they could wear a costume to school for Halloween. The students with the best costumes won gift cards for each category. Students look forward to this contest every year to show off their new costumes to their friends and the rest of the school. Also, the teachers dressed up for the school-wide teacher’s costume contest. The journalism department business managers mad buckets with all the teachers in their costumes. Students put money in the bucket with their favorite costume on it and the teacher winner was allowed to wear jeans for a week.

The categories of each contest were: group costumes, most creative, funniest, and homemade. The winners for the group project where the  6th grade M&Ms, the 7th grade candy group, and the 8th grade Ninja Turtles. The most creative winners were 6th grader Natalie Garrett, 7th grader Aiden Shy, and 8th grader Madison Basham. The homemade winners were 6th grader Izzy Boulden, 7th grader Sam Garvin, and 8th grader Juliet Jennings. The funniest winners were 6th grader Collette Strow, 7th grader Cooper Correa, and 8th grader Sam Kurtz.img_52611img_08731img_08741

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