Festival spreads diversity among all

Festival spreads diversity among all
By: Erin Mcallister

On Saturday, September 6th, the International Festival was held at Circus Square Park. People were lined up to attend this festival that displays a variety of cultures, countries, performances, foods, and items. At the beginning of the festival, it was cloudy and rainy, but the sky cleared up and brought heat and sunlight. There were hundreds of people who all came together to enjoy this event.Some of the many performances were: a woman from China dancing, kids doing Taekwondo, and a Bosnian song.

Bill Hockensmith, a Scotland representative, has worked at the festival for years. When asked about how he feels about spreading his history to everyone, “I feel very proud. And also I like to help people learn their own history because then they can internalize and take it home and feel pride,” Hockensmith said.

Hockensmith has a painting with countless last names so people can find their own last name and figure out their heritage based off their last names.“You know, the old saying ‘If you know where you’ve been, then you can know where you’re going,’” Hockensmith said.

A 7th grade student, Sachi Barnaby, helped out at one of the booths in the Festival as well. “I have been doing this for a while, usually I work at the Japan tent, but they don’t have it this year.” said Sachi.

This year she helped at the children’s activities booth, where kids made arts and crafts projects to take home. “It’s a lot of fun.” Sachi added.

The festival lasted most of the day, and many students from BGJHS attended. One of these students is Ian Tweedy, an eighth grader. “I thought the festival would be more low key than this, but it was a lot of fun.” said Ian.

The International Festival is an annual event, and hopefully you’ll attend next year!

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Photo by Grace Tweedy.

Bill Hockensmith at the International Festival, dresses up to represent Scotland.

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