Great day for futball By Logan Atkerson and Alex Pratt

Bowling Green Junior High School and Bowling Green High School are both known for their soccer teams. BGJHS girl’s soccer team is especially known, coming in second place in the district tournament this year. With almost all the players growing up playing soccer and starting around the age of five, the team is one of great experience“I’ve been playing since kindergarten,” said Lillian Groves, an eighth grader at BGJHS. All of the team has great chemistry because most of them have been playing Southern Kentucky Soccer with each other since they were little, and most having Coach Bush in class the team really bonds with each other. Most of the team also plays other sports to help their skills in soccer.“I play basketball and do ballet in my free time to help with my skills.” said Allanah Carver, an eighth grade soccer player at BGJHS. Overall, the BGJHS girl’s soccer team had a successful year.  

Caroline Miller

Raegan Travelsted

Shelby Puckett

Allanah Carver

Caroline Cohron

Mea Taylor

Grace Simmons

McKenna Passmore

Katie May

Caroline Derryberry

Emma Bridges

Leah Jackson

Ryhlea Lawson

Caroline Lamothe

Lillian Groves

Sono Fukushima

Bree Hunter

Anna Drexel

Jaycee Patterson

Kendell White

Catherine Walker

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