Hairspray comes to BGJHS By: Abby Adams-Smith

On Friday, March 3rd, 2017, Bowling Green High School’s Hairspray cast put on a production for seventh and eighth graders of Bowling Green Junior High School. The performance follows Tracy Turnblad, played here by Amelia Gabrielle, a teenage girl who idolizes – and eventually lands a role on – the Corny Collins Show as she deals with issues like racial differences and body image judgment in a 1960’s setting.

The director, Patricia Beresford, expressed satisfaction with the success of this performance because there were not any improvements to be made.

I’m not sure we could [make improvements]. It has been my favorite show so far,” said Beresford.

According to Beresford, BGHS Choir brings the play to BGJHS every year because the district doesn’t charge rental fees. BGJHS also hosted multiple productions outside of the school day open to the public During production, Beresford said that there was a great amount of inter-cast unity, and, given the nature of the script, quite a bit of diversity as well.

“We created a family in our cast… Hairspray allowed us to cast kids from all of our student populations. It was a chance to make people aware that everyone is equal and deserves to be treated with respect,” said Beresford.

The seventh and eighth graders who attended the play received it well, although sixth graders could not attend due to the content of the show.

“I thought the choreography, singing, and acting made for an altogether wonderfully produced and performed play. It seemed very professional to me; while I’m sure I had small bits of constructive criticism to give during the play, none of it was major enough to stay with me afterward,” said Sophie Moore, an eighth-grade student who attended the play.

Overall, the play was widely considered a success by both the staff behind it and its audience. It promoted the Bowling Green school district’s image of diversity in a way that both the students in it and the students watching it could have fun with.

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