Healthy or Not? By: Jaimeson Talley

School lunches have been a topic of debate for many years. There are many different perspectives between whether school food is healthy or not, as some students bring their own lunches, while some do not. Some believe that school food is healthy, and others don’t. I decided to sit down and really understand how some of our very own BGJHS students and staff members feel about our school lunches and ingredients. Are they really healthy for us to eat?  

“On Friday we should get real pizza like Papa John’s or Little Ceaser’s,” said Chappelle Whitney, a seventh grade student at BGJHS.

Chappelle is a personal lover of our school lunches provided at our school. He not only likes the cooks, but believes that our school lunches are healthy and appetizing.

“I really like the school lunch,” said Alisha Graves, a sixth grade student at BGJHS.

Alishia’s favorite lunch is grilled cheese and eats lunches here at school. Although she believes that school foods are good, and she feels as if the school should sometimes change our lunch choices that are different from our regular lunches each week.

“It’s all on a menu they made out for the week, and you go by what they make out for the week,” said cafeteria lunch worker, Tracey Miller.

Miller, and the other workers, cook our foods on stoves, steamers, and combi ovens. It usually takes about two hours to complete our lunches here at school and they go by a menu that are provided to them by the district.

All in all, whether or not you like or dislike the lunches here at school, BGJHS works hard on providing a full-filling meal. No one truly knows what goes into preparing these lunches and our cafeteria workers always work hard on preparing a meal for the nearly 957 students here at Bowling Green Junior High School.  

The BGJHS cafeteria staff preparing the school lunches Tuesday, October 24th, 2017. Photo taken by Jaimeson Talley  


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