Here! By: Lacey Duvon

“Why is attendance so important?”

Bowling Green Junior High School students battle with these questions on a daily basis.

Even when kids only miss one day, they still have a large amount of material to make up. “One day because every day is important in school,” said Melissa Joiner, an eighth grade English and Reading teacher at BGJHS.

“They [students] never truly get caught back up,” said Jessica Rowe, an eighth-grade reading teacher at BGJHS.

“I always try to make up my work… when I miss a day of school, I miss math class, and I am very confused,” said BGJHS eighth grader Jasmin Reeder.

“There should be more of a penalty on grades for an unexcused absence,” said Mrs. Joiner.

“My grades do not drop because I ask for the stuff before I miss school,” said Andrew Gonzales, an eighth-grade student attending BGJHS.

Not all students fall behind because they think of the consequences that missing school might bring. Missing school is just as bad for teachers as it is to students; moreover, attendance affects everyone at school.

“If a teacher is out too many days, materials aren’t being taught at the level they are meant to be at, so teachers fall back,” said Mrs. Rowe.

In summary, missing school is a setback for students and teachers alike. Neither of them is satisfied when they come back. If the teacher misses, some things aren’t done, and as for the students, they might not understand the lesson.

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