High achievers By: Andrew Gonzalez

Bowling Green Junior High School has several opportunities to rise above the other students, from advanced classes to Junior Beta Club. One of the most recognizable achievements among students is the opportunity to take high school classes while still in BGJHS. Classes such as Algebra and Biology are some of the top classes that middle schoolers can achieve. Many students at BGJHS are taking high school classes this year. The majority of students, however, are not aware of the work it takes, not only to get into high school classes but also to take them.  

“I was anxious and worried about it every day. When I had to take the test, I eased myself and took a very difficult exam,” said Austin Wallace, an eighth-grade student at BGJHS.

“While being in the class, I feel like I’m ahead and ready for next year. It was really worth the test,” said Mei Fukashima, an eighth grader at BGJHS

High school classes are a huge accomplishment for these students and they enjoy the classes and the experience, even if they don’t physically travel to the high school.

         Most students may think that it would be impossible for them to take high school classes, but with hard work and a strong motivation to keep pushing forward, anyone can achieve this accomplishment.

Front entrance of Bowling Green High School

Photo by: Brandon Etheridge

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