ICU By: Lacey and Jamie

Ever wondered if the Intensive Care Unit program (ICU) is really beneficial? The whole thing is crazy here at Bowling Green Junior High School. Every day, there are more and more assignments missing.

“I think it’s positive because kids complete their stuff and when they complete their stuff in a timely manner, their quiz and test scores go up,” said Stacy Bartley, an eighth-grade social studies teacher.

Lynne Hurt, an eighth grader at BGJHS, also believes that ICU is helpful.

“They [students who are in ICU] need their grades to get better,” said Jasmin Reeder, an eighth grader.

ICU is a program run by the teachers and staff at BGJHS that either helps students or is completely useless. At BGJHS, it seems like it actually helps, but some simply don’t take advantage of it. When there is ICU available three days a week, kids are still missing so much work. Why?

“Teachers can only do so much. Students have to do their parts as well, and so if they aren’t staying for ICU we can’t chase after [them]. They have to want to stay and help themselves,” said Angela Langford, an eighth-grade math teacher.

ICU is beneficial, and if kids aren’t taking advantage of it, then that’s their problem to deal with. Many students actually have been grateful for ICU because their grades have significantly improved. ICU is something not everyone gets, but BGJHS does have it and no student should take it for granted.

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