A lot to be done in very little time By Bella Elder

      The Purple Spirit Newspaper staff needs your help. If you have ever been on a newspaper or broadcast staff or taken any of Mrs. Pollards classes, you understand why they need new computers. Teachers that have been at Bowling Green Junior High Schools for a while know how old these computers are.Currently, they are using a model of Dell PC computers that came out 17 years ago. The only reason they have lasted this long is because BGJHS has a maintenance staff that fixes all of the problems every year.   

     “We need new computers because new programs are coming out that require better technology. These computers are not allowing students to have the best opportunity in class.” said Drew Lawless, an eighth grader.

     The Dell computers that are currently being used run slowly and are unable to help the students create products to their full potential. In Mrs. Pollard’s classes, these students are constantly having to upload pictures, and edit videos.

     “It is time consuming and honestly annoying to wait and watch the loading symbol until it says complete,” said eighth grader Haley Hamilton.

     The school cannot afford to buy 30 more computers, so BGJHS Newspaper Team has to step in and help. They are trying to raise $26,000 by the end of January. Students on the newspaper staff spend hours selling ice cream, applying for grants, and setting up accounts like their Go Fund Me account to try and come close to raising enough money.  

     “Our biggest problem is that we have the software, but we need the computers. We can’t use them to their fullest potential, which is why we are trying to raise money,” said Mrs. Pollard, director of the BGJHS newspaper staff. As you can see, The Purple Spirit news team has a big goal and very little time.

     If you would like to help out, you can donate to the Purple Spirit staff’s Go Fund Me account. You can also buy ice cream, which they sell for a dollar every Friday in sixth, seventh, and eighth period in Mrs. Pollards room (B26).





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