Love love or hate?

Love love or hate?

By Priscilla T.

Valentine’s Day, or Saint Valentine’s Day, is a celebration that’s celebrated on February 14th. At Bowling Green Junior High School, we celebrate Valentine’s Day with candy grams. Also, a Valentine’s Day dance held by BGJHS’ girl’s basketball team.  However, not everyone is a fan of this lovable holiday, many students do not care for it while others look forward to it.

When Kallie Wood, eighth-grader at BGJHS was asked “What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?” she replied with, “It’s a scam by candy companies to make more money.” 

Some people don’t do anything extra for this desiring day because they simply don’t care. On a brighter note, not all people treat Valentine’s Day as inattentive.

“Valentine’s Day is a very special day to show your emotions to that special loved one you have in your life.” said Emerson Pocasangre, an eighth-grader at BGJHS.

Candy grams for Valentine’s Day are the perfect gift for someone. Chocolates fill the air around this time of year. About 450 candy grams were bought from sixth-graders, 80 from seventh-graders, and about 30 from eighth-graders.

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