But, Mom, everybody is wearing them! By: Lynne Hurt

  At Bowling Green Junior High School, Adidas Superstars, Huaraches, and Sanuks are just a few trending shoe items that started off the school year. Most students keep up with the school’s trends and deserve to be enlightened on what everyone is wearing.

Students at BGJHS like Jerrian Harris and Vanessa Alfaro have kept up with the school trends because looking good and staying in style plays an important role in their lives. Ripped jeans, as well as the clothing brand Pink from Victoria’s Secret are both big trends this year. Jewelry like pearl necklaces and chokers are trending topics, according to 7th grader Reagan Cook.

I like wearing chokers and the pearl necklaces; I have a bunch of them. They’re really cute and they tie an outfit all together,” Reagan says.

“I would like to see more ear piercings, for example, cartilage piercings,” says 6th grader, Vanessa. In addition, girls getting their nails done is a new trending thing going around that just bloomed recently this school year.

Most students would like to see Pink clothes continue, not to mention white huaraches.

Jerrian says, “I want huaraches to continue because I own a white pair myself and I  love them.” Some, like Zion Harmon an 8th-grade student, would like to see colored laces start to be an upcoming trend.  

 Photo by Bella E. 8th graders, Jamie Ramos and Jacqueline Murillo, wearing trending shoes Adidas Superstars, and Huaraches.  

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