A play on words By: Jacqueline Murillo and Sandra Pejić

Spelling: a struggle for some and pleasure for others. Harrison Gover, a seventh grader, won the Bowling Green Junior High School spelling bee and is now going to go to the district spelling bee. Harrison studied hard and worked hard to advance this far and has more to go

“It feels really cool being in the spelling bee,” said Harrison.

Harrison said that competing in the spelling bee helped him learn new words.

“The words were kind of difficult because we didn’t get far into the difficulty,” says Harrison.

Spelling can be difficult to some students. The contestants must practice, in order to be in a spelling bee contest They practice and train to make the levels of difficulty lower. Based on the efforts of Harrison, if you have a difficult time spelling a hard word  

Harrison, through hours of hard work, has become a talented student and participant. He has put in a lot of effort to get in the all district spelling bee. Congratulations Harrison! Keep up the good work!

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