Pride Rewards

Pride Rewards
By: Sara Kate Bush

Pride rewards here at Bowling Green Junior High School occur at the end of each quarter. Students with no write ups or any disciplinary errors are invited to attend. However, if a student has a disciplinary error, they are not allowed to; but, if their behavior improves, they will get to go on the next pride quarters reward.

Each grade has something different each quarter; such as, sixth graders went to Jackson’s Orchard, and the seventh graders were planning on going to Lost River Cave; but, they were not able to go there due to the bad weather. Instead, they stayed back and watched movies. The eighth graders planned to have a trip to the park, but the weather also prevented them from going.

“I like pride rewards since we get to have a time off from work and get to spend time with our friends.” said , Max Reid, a sixth grader.

This break influences the behavior of students because, if they act up and get in trouble they have to stay back and work on busy work. Whereas the rest of their friends are having a good time. Students also keep their grades up because they aren’t going to be rewarded with failing grades.

If the students have fun at the reward then they will be talking about it and they will want to attend the next one and make other students realize what they missed out on and make them improve their behavior.

Pride rewards are a good break for the hard-working students, and are a good sense of motivation for those who do not meet BGJHS expectations.. Here at BGJHS, students love breaks and can’t wait to have fun with all of our friends!

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