The road to magic By Secret Posey

Seventh graders had the opportunity to be entertained by the magic tricks of magician Kevin Spencer.

They were excited but some were not fooled by his tricks and some even caught on very easily to what he was doing. Magic can be a motivation to most young people today, for example, students express their feeling and often want to start learning new task. It can be fun, simple, and easy to learn. It usually starts out as a simple card trick that later turns into a skilled profession. Students got to perceive what magic was to Spencer and learn about him and his family.


“Magic is like a science.” says Kevin Spencer The Magician.


The concept of magic was found in 2700 B.C. Kevin Spencer has been practicing and performing magic since he was five years old, and he gained inspiration to follow the path he has from magicians he viewed on television as a child. He wanted to try and impress peers, family and the people around him.


“I don’t get to go back to my hometown much since I’ve been in Bowling Green,” Kevin said.
Spencer’s performs magic tricks on YouTube. You can search his name on YouTube and see his work that he does with kids and it’s not just kids in one of his youtube videos it’s captioned “ Kevin Spencer of Spencer’s Theatre of Illusion shows Therapists at Courage Center of Burnsville how basic magic tricks can help their clients. Mr. Spencer was in Burnsville for his March 8th performance of Spencer’s Theatre of Illusion at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center.” Kevin’s work is all over the world.

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