Scattered skittles

Scattered skittles

By Amalia Duron-Martin 

The 7th grade teachers put a skittle lab together for their students to help them better understand their unit on plants during December 2015. Skittles are a go to snack, so why are students using them in science labs? 

Ms. King and Mr. Lyne created this lab to build molecules involved in the chemical reactions for photosynthesis and cellular respiration. This lab helps the students visually see and manipulate the candies, which represented atoms. Using hands-on manipulatives helps teaches abstract process and how the Law of Conservation is applied in the biological processes.

“This helps me to better understand with a visual, hands on representation on what my science teacher was talking about in class,” said Janiah Edwards, a 7th grader at Bowling Green Jr High School.

“I feel like the lab helped me in my science class and was very educational,” said Janiah. 

Having go-to foods in a science lab really benefits the students in their science classes. 

“I was excited to just get started right away,” said Janiah. 

“The lab helps me to understand my unit better because different parts of the lab and different parts of plants, molecules, and things like that,” said Janiah. 

“My favorite part of the lab was the ending where we got to eat the skittles,” said Janiah.

“Me experiencing this lab was fun but it was also helpful with helping me with my education,” said Chynnia Conn, a 7th grader at Bowling Green Jr High School.

Chynnia felt that being apart of the lab her teachers put together benefitted her with not only her school but outside of school as well.

“This lab gives me an visual representation on what we are learning in my science class,” said Chynnia.

In conclusion, the skittles lab was very educational and helpful to the 7th grade students learning about the Law of Conservation.

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