School Dances: fun or a waste?

School Dances: fun or a waste?
By Sara Bush

School Dances here at Bowling Green Junior High School are usually held for a particular holiday or event. They are located in the gym, and all the students are invited to join for a couple hours, filled with dancing, music, food, and other activities. Several people around the school help plan these events. BGJHS usually hosts around a handful of dances a year. They consist of Fall dances, Christmas dances, Valentine Day dances, and Spring dances.

“I wanted to go because it was my first middle school dance,” said Jaimeson Talley, a sixth-grader at BGJHS.

In general, more of the younger kids go to the school dances rather than the older students such as eighth graders. The music has all the students dancing, and they attend and eat for an affordable price.

“You can come and eat for the same price as going to a fast food restaurant,” said Peyton Webster, an eighth grader at BGJHS.

Pizza and soft drinks can be purchased, and other options are available depending on the holiday. Music requests can be made for the students to jam out to their favorite songs.

Everything is priced just right for the benefit of our school’s fundraising, which is why most of the dances are held.

Here at BGJHS, we have many more opinions on school dances and whether they are worth it or not, considering we are just in middle school. Some think they are so much fun, others think it is a waste of money. What do you think?