Spread the Red By: Fiona Manivong

After each quarter, students at Bowling Green Junior High School go on a pride reward trip to celebrate their acceptable conduct. For the second quarter, the eighth-grade students that didn’t have any detention or write ups (minors or majors) attended a Western Kentucky University Lady Hilltoppers basketball game. They were joined by many students from other schools as well as fans.

“The Spread the Red game was a very fun experience. It was good to be able to hang out with friends and enjoy a Lady Toppers game,”  said Bug Matthews, an eighth grader at Bowling Green Junior High School.

Spread the Red is an “educational” event for students. During the game, the students watched the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers play against the University of Alabama at Birmingham basketball team. WKU won the game.

It was great that we were allowed to watch the game while we talked to our friends and got food as well,” said Sophia Moore, an eighth-grader at BGJHS.

While the students were there, they were allowed to watch the game, use their technology, talk to their friends, and visit concessions. Meanwhile, the students who weren’t allowed to go on the pride reward trip stayed at BGJHS. Since they couldn’t attend, they had to stay back and do school work.

Whether it’s earning good grades, or following BGJHS PRIDE Expectations students commemorate their achievements with a field trip. It could be from watching a basketball game to going roller skating, as long as they didn’t have any detention or write ups.

Photo Caption: BGJHS eighth grade students attend

 the Spread the Red basketball game. They celebrated BGJHS PRIDE Expectations.

Photo By: BGJHS Twitter

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