Spread the Red

Spread the Red
By Ruthie Kesri

On January 21, 2016, Western Kentucky University held its annual Spread the Red basketball game. This is the fifth year the Spread the Red game was held. The game is held as an ‘Education Day’ to inspire students to work hard every year. Over 2,000 students were invited to attend and over 1,000 showed up to the game. The Bowling Green High School band performed during the game, and many people who attended enjoyed it.

“I thought it was really fun, and I’m glad I got to go with my friends,” said Ashtyn Browning, a sixth grader at BGJHS.

This year, there was a new rule put in for students who attended the game; they had to remain in their seats and only leave during half time. However, they could acquire special permission from their teachers to leave for bathroom breaks. This rule was put in because in past years students would be moving constantly while the game was going on; this served as a distraction for the players.

Students who had perfect attendance in any of the schools that attended were invited on to the court during halftime; one lucky student with perfect attendance left with a savings bond.

The Lady Toppers won the game, crushing their opponents.

“I was very happy WKU won, since I love them!” Said Ashtyn.

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