St. Patrick’s Day at BGJHS By: Fiona Manivong

St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated on March 17, 2017. People, as is typical for this holiday, dressed in green, pinched others, and hosted parties and nice dinners. But what is St. Patrick’s Day, and where did it originate?

This holiday of green was inspired by St. Patrick. He is known as the patron saint of Ireland, and even though he wasn’t born Irish, he became an important detail in the Irish heritage and history because of his service throughout Ireland. St. Patrick was a Christian missionary who converted Ireland to Christianity. On St. Patrick’s Day, people who don’t wear green are traditionally pinched by others. It is thought by some that people who wore green were invisible to Leprechauns who would pinch anyone they saw.

“[On St. Patrick’s Day, I] wear green and try to find four-leaf clovers unsuccessfully,” said Hannah Jukes, a BGJHS eighth grader.

Wearing green and trying to find four-leaf clovers aren’t the only things done on this holiday. The Chicago River is dyed green and people join parades and parties. St. Patrick’s Day is filled with green, parades, parties, and pinching, but it also has a meaning. It is a day about St. Patrick and how he helped Ireland.           

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