Bella Alcott

Bella Alcott is currently an eighth grade student at BGJHS. She is the producer for the BGJHS morning broadcast for the 2017-2018 school year and the chief web designer for the Purple Spirit Newspaper. Bella is also active in KYA, Beta, STLP, the BGJHS newspaper, and the BGJHS Speech and Debate team. Outside of school, Bella dances, is active in church, and is a referee for the local soccer rec league. When she grows older, she wants to go to Vanderbilt University and become an orthopedic surgeon.

Savanna Bearnson

Ava Bennet

Ava is an 8th grade student at Bowling Green Junior High School in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

She is a part of the BGJHS Broadcast and Newspaper Team. She has taken the following classes to prepare for this class:

  • Photojournalism

  • Journalism A

  • Journalism B

  • Broadcast (Boot Camp)

  • Newspaper (Boot Camp)


Ava Bennett completed boot camp and learned about the jobs that could be applied for. She applied and got the jobs of Business Manager and Photographer. In the position of Business Manager, she deals with money and fundraisers. In the position of Photographer, she takes photographs of events and ideas around the school. She works for the Student News Team and The Purple Spirit Team. She plays the extracurricular activities of basketball and softball. She is a strong Christian, and attends church at Living Hope Baptist Church. One day, she hopes to be an orthodontist.

Saint Carmichael

Saint is the Web Designer for the broadcast team, meaning he is in charge of editing the website you are currently on. Saint enjoys playing soccer for BGJHS and Sky Soccer Club, and he loves to play video games and hang out with friends. When Saint gets older, he wants to go to the University of Virginia and do ROTC. He plans to be in the military.

Dulcemaria Carrillo Carcamo

Dulcemaria C. is an 8th grade student at Bowling Green Junior High School in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

 She is in part of the BGJHS student Broadcast and Newspaper team. To prepare for this class she has taken…

  • Journalism A

  • Broadcast Boot Camp

  • Newspaper Boot Camp

    Dulcemaria C. has completed Boot Camp for Broadcast and Newspaper and has learned about many jobs. She decided to apply for a main anchor role in Broadcast. Now, she is working next to Lillian M. She enjoys her job even though it’s not as easy as it looks. She loves being involved in school activities and is an A and B student. She is also in love with astronomy , the study of the universe, and one day she hopes to end up working in NASA.

Chasidie Estes

Cora Foley

Aiden Gantt

Aiden G. is an 8th grader at Bowling Green Jr High and is the main technical director for the broadcast team and is also on the newspaper staff. He is on the BGJHS soccer team and SKY Academy 04s. Aiden is an avid sports fan and enjoys Watching Kentucky Athletics and Manchester United. In his free time, Aiden plays video games, reads, and enjoys time with his friends and family.

Hannah Greer

Kerra Gregory

Emma Huskey

Philip Khenner

Alexander Madison

Alex M. is a radio staff member on BGJHS Student News. He loves to talk to people during class and he wants to make podcasts when he grows up. He also loves to play video games and talk about them. He wants to make a great radio show with his partner, Zayne P.

Onjoy Mahmood

Lilly Malloy

Lily is an 8th grader at BGJHS and is the main anchor for the daily student news. She has a fun and loving attitude. As an eighth grader, Lily plays golf and she swims for the high school team. She also enjoys hanging out with friends.

Katie May

Colin Reed

Colin Reed is an 8th grade student at Bowling Green Junior High School. He is on both the Print News and Broadcast News teams. He plays soccer for BGJHS, Sky Academy, and Kentucky ODP. When he is not doing schoolwork or playing soccer, he enjoys playing video games, watching television, reading, and hanging out with family and friends.

Campbell Richey

Campbell is an 8th Grader at BGJHS and is the Director of the 2017-2018 Morning News Broadcast. She has taken many journalism classes including Broadcast Journalism, Photojournalism, Journalism A, Journalism B, Broadcast Boot Camp, and Newspaper Bootcamp. Campbell plays on the BGHS Varsity Tennis team and is the oldest of four siblings. She is a McNeill Elementary Alumni and was Student Body President her 5th grade year. Her future goals are to go to WKU and become a Special Education Teacher. She is looking forward to having an amazing news show this year.

Joshua Rosales

Noor Salman

Jaimeson Talley

Natalie Tucker

Tanajah Wade