What does it take to be in All-District Band?

What does it take to be in All-District Band? 

By Jae Foley                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

All-District Band is an opportunity all band students desire, but what does it take to actually be a part of such an amazing experience? Band students have to practice hard and be very prepared for the day auditions come. 

“​All-District Band is both a competition and an honor or reward at the same time.  Students from all over the area compete against each other to try and be in this band.  The reward is getting to perform music with other outstanding student musicians with a guest conductor at a beautiful auditorium,” says Kevin Briley, band instructor at BGJHS. 

Band is a related arts class period at Bowling Green Junior High School and many band students decided to audition for all-district band. Musicians spent hours practicing at school as well as at home. This is an experience they will never forget. 

Students were ecstatic to hear the news that they had made the all-district band. 

“I was happy, and I knew that I had worked so hard that I felt that I deserved this opportunity. I felt rewarded for that hard work,” said Malique Miller, an eighth grade all district clarinet player. 

Students spent hours preparing for the audition and when they saw their name on the list of members they knew the hard work had finally paid off. 

“It was exciting to hear that I had made it, but I knew that I had what it takes,” said Fernando Franco, an eighth grade percussionist for all district band. Both students have a lot of confidence and are very proud to be an all-district band member.

All-district band members practiced hard and knew that the practice would be essential to be a part of such an amazing experience. 

The Junior High All-District had about 100 students and 27 of them were from BGJHS.  It was pretty cool we had over 1/4 of the kids just from our school!  Mrs. Shores and I were very proud of our students – it was very impressive.  A lot of other directors think we have some secret as to how to get so many kids in – the truth is our students just work really hard!” says Briley. 

Congratulations to all all-district band members. Excellence is worth the effort. 

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