Technology in the classroom By: Colin Reed

Today’s society is becoming more technology based with each passing day. With new breakthroughs being made in increasingly smaller intervals, and new products being churned out by large companies increasingly faster, technology is finding its way into the daily lives of almost everyone in the United States. This revolution has found its way not only into the daily lives of adults, but the most treasured sanctuary of a child’s life: the classroom.

The technological revolution has swept over schools across the country, and it has hit no school harder than Bowling Green Junior High School. The school continues to spend more money each year on technology, according to John Dempsey, 8th grade principal at BGJHS.

“Technology has replaced textbooks in the classroom,” said Dempsey.

“I think that the district is justified in spending the amount of money it does on technology, but I wish people would take better care of the technology.”

While it is undeniable that the district is spending and increasing amount of money on technology annually, not everyone is on board with the idea of replacing traditional learning with technology based learning.

“I think that it is important for students to read a book on a piece of paper,” said Melissa Joiner, an 8th grade English teacher at BGJHS.

“It is important for students to engage in paper and pen learning, especially as long as we are still testing it,” said Joiner. “Technology provides some wonderful opportunities, but I think that it is important.”

Not everyone supports the revolution fully, but it seems that it is still gaining speed. Classrooms across the country are spending more money on technology each year. In 2013, the overall spending of schools on technology in the U.S. reached upwards of $14 billion, and it is projected to rise to $19 billion by 2019.

With spending and approval rising steadily each year, technology is becoming an increasingly large aspect of daily life in the U.S. Though some do not fully support the revolution, it appears that technology is here to stay.

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