Transitioning into the sixth grade By: Hannah Greer & Noor Salman

There are many challenges when it comes to attending a new school, and this is especially true for the incoming 6th graders at Bowling Green Junior High. However, for many sixth graders, this is an exciting change. At BGJHS, students are enjoying a variety of classes, meeting new people, and being exposed to new teaching methods.

Although the change in class size seemed to be challenging for some sixth graders, it also gave them a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

“It’s easy to make friends because you have more classes and more chances to meet people,” said Maggie Morris, a 6th grader at BGJHS.

Many students felt that although the hallways were always crowded with people trying to get to their class, and that the advantages outway the disadvantages.

”There’s a lot of classes, and you get to be with different friends and you don’t get to do that in elementary school,” said Hannah Folks, an 8th grader at BGJHS.

Having many people to interact with is a fun and interesting change for many sixth graders. Despite the fact that many challenges are faced when transitioning to the sixth grade, students will have many experiences and learn many things because of the large amount of students.    

Photo by: Caroline Cohron

Some 2017-2018 Sixth graders enjoying their new school with time outside.

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