Welcome to reality By: Katherine Duvon

Eighth graders had to act as parents and adults for one class period at Bowling Green Junior High. On March 23, 2017, the BGJHS eighth graders attended a ‘reality store’.

“It’s about how to budget,” said Conner Cooper, an eighth grader at BGJHS.

The eighth graders traveled around and tried to finance the pay that they received monthly while going to different booths that had different kinds of money dealing activities.

“It is about how expensive it is to live each day, and how getting a good education can get you a good job and help you out,” said Angela Langford an eighth-grade math teacher who helped bring the reality store to BGJHS.

“It’s like real life,” said Maryan Mohamed another eighth grader that attended the event.

“I have a kid so I learn how to provide for him and learn how to get all of the commodities,” said Dylan Echols, an eighth grader.

The eighth graders were giving a paper that said if they had kids or if they did not. They had to provide many things to their kids and their spouses.

“I think I might have an idea of how hard adults have it every day with the things they have to take care of and the things they have to buy for us, their kids,” said eighth grader Jamie Ramos.

In reality, the eighth graders had so much fun and might have gone home realizing why their parents stress out and have a new I point of view. This reality store not only gave the students a fun time but also another perspective on their education.

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